Orpheus SupertoneThe Milliner - Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes

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Transcribed and Annotated by Clare Milliner and Walt Koken.

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  • 888 pages total.
  • 1404 tunes in musical engravings, arranged alphabetically in 741 pages. 
  • Ten page introduction with explanations and examples. 
  • Main index arranged by title, with references to source recordings and cross references to similar tunes and titles. 
  • Key index arranged alphabetically by key. 
  • Tuning index arranged alphabetically by fiddle tuning. 
  • Artist index arranged alphabetically by fiddler, showing what tunes are included by that artist. 
  • Artist profiles section with brief bios of the 347 fiddlers/bands represented in the book. A majority of these fiddlers were born before 1900. 
  • Also a comments section with interesting information about the tunes and fiddlers.
  • Over-size format, easy to read, cloth hard bound in sewn signatures, lies flat, library/heirloom quality.
  • This is an essential resource and reference book for anyone interested in old time American fiddle tunes.

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