The Bands

Orpheus SupertoneOrpheus Supertones
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L-R Kellie Allen (guitar, vocals), Clare Milliner (fiddle, vocals), Pete Peterson (banjo, guitar, vocals) Walt Koken (fiddle, banjo, & vocals), and Hiliary Dirlam (bass)


Orpheus SupertonesGoing to Town

Walt and Clare

Kellie and Pete

I'll Never Forsake You

Fat City Band

L-R: Bob Potts, fiddle, vocals, Mac Benford, guitar, vocals, Walt Koken, 5-string banjo, vocals

L-R: Walt Koken, banjo, Mike Seeger,guitar, Mac Benford, banjo, Bob Potts Fiddle


Highwoods Stringband

Jennifer Cleland, string bass and vocals, Bob Potts and Walt Koken, fiddles, vocals, Mac Benford, Banjo, vocals, Doug Dorschug, guitar, vocals